Last post of the night, promise

Last post of the night, promise:
I would be remiss if I didn’t note that tonight was opening night of an
off-Broadway play written by a longtime friend of mine (and a few other
readers of this weblog).

A long time ago in a far-away place (hint),
Garth Wingfield, a college student with a glob toilet paper stuck to
his neck following a shaving incident, came into my office seeking an
internship as a copywriter. I didn’t tell him about the toilet paper
but I hired him on the spot as I’d already read the impressive work
he’d earlier provided me. (And I knew he would see the toilet paper
soon enough.) I have some funny stories about working with him over the
next couple of years, but they are more funny about me, than about him,
so I’ll skip them until later.

Fast forward to tonight. Garth’s play, Flight, the rise and fall of Charles Lindbergh, opened at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. It’s scheduled to play through June 19 and you can purchase tickets online here.

I’ll get there before it closes.

One thought on “Last post of the night, promise

  1. Well cool. I was also there in that other life working alongside Garth, and aside from making me feel ancient when he said that certain political upheavals at our shared Alma Mater had become classroom fodder (ok, it was like, man, 18 ro 19 years later), I admired his style, his writing and his work ethic. Nice to see he’s carving ’em up in the Big Apple.

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