This week’s Nashville Nobody Knows

This week’s Nashville Nobody Knows: Candace Corrigan
has posted her
third show

and I can’t emphasize how great it is. Let me say
that again: I CAN’T EMPHASIZE HOW GREAT IT IS. Help me start a meme in
support of this show! Click on her link to Podcast Alley and vote for
her (whatever that means). I’d love about three hours a day of it.

You can stream or download it. And, if you get the whole podcasting
thing, you can subscribe
to the RSS feed
so it will automagically appear in iTunes or whatever
you use to manage your music whenever she posts a new weekly show.

Here are show notes for this week’s show:

This week Candace speaks with David Haley,
vice president of promotions at Compass Records, who shares his
thoughts on the digital transfer of music (“It is the future and the
future is now“), some history of Compass Records, and seven examples of
their diverse and accomplished artist roster. Musicians featured:
Alison Brown, Victor Wooten, Beth Nielsen-Chapman, Pierce Pettis,
Andrea Zonn, and Grada.

What Patrick said

What Patrick said: Patrick Ruffini, who is (at least for now) on Arianna’s blogroll, isn’t that impressed:

me, it boils down to this. At its best, the blogosphere is a
conversation, and it brings the most serendipitous and previously
opaque encounters out into the open – the political pros sitting in the
smoke-filled corner of The Caucus Room handicapping the candidates; the
uniquely productive meeting of the minds at the scholarly conference.
These are contexts where information matters, and it doesn’t really
matter if it’s communicated verbally or in print….What
real world experience does Arianna aim to re-create with the Huffington
Post? Simply put, the world she knows best: the vapid dinner party
conversation at Laurie David’s or Sally Quinn’s.”

One last thing (promise) about Dave

One last thing (promise) about Dave: A letter to the seven readers of this weblog…

Dear rexblog readers who are tired of my posts about Dave Winer,

I promise, this is the last one for a while. However, as this bit of
news is like a collision of a couple of my worlds, well, I couldn’t
pass it up.

You may recall that a week ago there was some news
about me heading up a committee
designed to help
business-to-business media companies “understand where blogging fits
within the context of business publishing.” I wasn’t sure how that committee would get underway,
but was glad to have the chance of getting it started.

Okay, I think
I’ve found a case study for the committee to ponder. Here’s my thesis:

If you put on a conference with the theme “”RSS: Risk &
” and you invite the guy who created RSS to speak and then you tell him what he can or can’t do on his weblog,
well, you stand a really-good chance of having a very
blogospheric display of what risk and reward is all about
You stand the chance of having someone say this on one of the most read
weblogs out there: 

“They wanted me to stop writing about the conference on Scripting News,
they made it a condition of my participation in the conference. I said
that wasn’t their call. I could understand them wanting
some say in the content of my talk, they were
concerned it was going to be a commercial, but the line ends there. I
asked them to think about it over night, but they wanted a decision on
the spot. So I said no way, they can’t control what I say here. So they
cancelled my ticket, I won’t be going. I guess this is some kind of
milestone for the syndication industry. But I can’t have IDG dictating
terms to me on my weblog. That’s just not going to work. Really sad,

As I’ve already gone on record today as admitting to a certain
mind-meld with Dave (despite notable differences in style and certain
political stances), I guess where I stand on this issue is of little
mystery. (Hint: I gave Dave one of these for his
birthday so he could display sponsor ads while he spoke.)

I guess I should note for the for the record, also, that I am
speaking as a blogger and human being and not on behalf of any trade
association committee that has yet to meet.

Anyway, that’s it. Dave has his own blog with a few readers of his own.
He doesn’t need me explaining things for him. A wise
person once told me that if someone is a friend, it’s hard to
objectively blog about them.

So, at least for a while, this is my last Dave Winer boswellian post.




Tigrrrr: Have I mentioned that Tiger has caused me e-mail-hell for several days? With the help of Blair, rexblog’s director of all things technical (translation: all things Rex screws up), I think I’ve returned my e-mail to an organized state once more.

However, I’ve missed lots of e-mail since last Thursday or so. I’m sure it arrived at our servers…it just ended up somewhere other than my in-box.

Second Tiger gripe. Due to years of specific considerations related to the specific nuances of a 25-person company using different platforms and spread out over a few states, I’m a Now Up-to-Date user which means that until sometime in June, I’m having to run OS 9 in the background (which I haven’t done in over a year) in order to access the company’s shared calendar. Before anyone sends in suggestions for superior contact or calender solutions, don’t. Been there, done that. Believe me. Or, should I say, Believe Blair.