Tigrrrr: Have I mentioned that Tiger has caused me e-mail-hell for several days? With the help of Blair, rexblog’s director of all things technical (translation: all things Rex screws up), I think I’ve returned my e-mail to an organized state once more.

However, I’ve missed lots of e-mail since last Thursday or so. I’m sure it arrived at our servers…it just ended up somewhere other than my in-box.

Second Tiger gripe. Due to years of specific considerations related to the specific nuances of a 25-person company using different platforms and spread out over a few states, I’m a Now Up-to-Date user which means that until sometime in June, I’m having to run OS 9 in the background (which I haven’t done in over a year) in order to access the company’s shared calendar. Before anyone sends in suggestions for superior contact or calender solutions, don’t. Been there, done that. Believe me. Or, should I say, Believe Blair.

4 thoughts on “Tigrrrr

  1. WHAT???? Why do you have to run Classic? And what happens in June? Is it a Mac update or a Now update? Either way, you just talked me out of getting Tiger right away. I may try it here at home. I don’t use Mac Mail. I had thought about switching but I think I’m glad I didn’t….at least for now. Maybe Tiger will screw up Thunderbird too?

  2. Thunderbird is safe. The issue is strictly our server-based shared calendar. Accessing the calendar requires me to run the OS 9 version of Now Up to Date. The “Now” folks say they are coming out with a new Tiger-compatible update in June.

  3. In fairness, after the Mac Mail was loaded and I spent a few hours reconstructing it in the fashion I prefer, I’m discovering some cool features – like, for example, the ability to run a slideshow of attached photos that people email me (rather than download them).

  4. After trying dayplanners and runners, server calendars and other ways to keep up with the rare few things that happen in my life, I’ve discovered tranquility in literally making up a 2 or at most 3-week “calendar” on legal paper. Talk about classic.

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