One last thing (promise) about Dave

One last thing (promise) about Dave: A letter to the seven readers of this weblog…

Dear rexblog readers who are tired of my posts about Dave Winer,

I promise, this is the last one for a while. However, as this bit of
news is like a collision of a couple of my worlds, well, I couldn’t
pass it up.

You may recall that a week ago there was some news
about me heading up a committee
designed to help
business-to-business media companies “understand where blogging fits
within the context of business publishing.” I wasn’t sure how that committee would get underway,
but was glad to have the chance of getting it started.

Okay, I think
I’ve found a case study for the committee to ponder. Here’s my thesis:

If you put on a conference with the theme “”RSS: Risk &
” and you invite the guy who created RSS to speak and then you tell him what he can or can’t do on his weblog,
well, you stand a really-good chance of having a very
blogospheric display of what risk and reward is all about
You stand the chance of having someone say this on one of the most read
weblogs out there: 

“They wanted me to stop writing about the conference on Scripting News,
they made it a condition of my participation in the conference. I said
that wasn’t their call. I could understand them wanting
some say in the content of my talk, they were
concerned it was going to be a commercial, but the line ends there. I
asked them to think about it over night, but they wanted a decision on
the spot. So I said no way, they can’t control what I say here. So they
cancelled my ticket, I won’t be going. I guess this is some kind of
milestone for the syndication industry. But I can’t have IDG dictating
terms to me on my weblog. That’s just not going to work. Really sad,

As I’ve already gone on record today as admitting to a certain
mind-meld with Dave (despite notable differences in style and certain
political stances), I guess where I stand on this issue is of little
mystery. (Hint: I gave Dave one of these for his
birthday so he could display sponsor ads while he spoke.)

I guess I should note for the for the record, also, that I am
speaking as a blogger and human being and not on behalf of any trade
association committee that has yet to meet.

Anyway, that’s it. Dave has his own blog with a few readers of his own.
He doesn’t need me explaining things for him. A wise
person once told me that if someone is a friend, it’s hard to
objectively blog about them.

So, at least for a while, this is my last Dave Winer boswellian post.