This week’s Nashville Nobody Knows

This week’s Nashville Nobody Knows: Candace Corrigan
has posted her
third show

and I can’t emphasize how great it is. Let me say
that again: I CAN’T EMPHASIZE HOW GREAT IT IS. Help me start a meme in
support of this show! Click on her link to Podcast Alley and vote for
her (whatever that means). I’d love about three hours a day of it.

You can stream or download it. And, if you get the whole podcasting
thing, you can subscribe
to the RSS feed
so it will automagically appear in iTunes or whatever
you use to manage your music whenever she posts a new weekly show.

Here are show notes for this week’s show:

This week Candace speaks with David Haley,
vice president of promotions at Compass Records, who shares his
thoughts on the digital transfer of music (“It is the future and the
future is now“), some history of Compass Records, and seven examples of
their diverse and accomplished artist roster. Musicians featured:
Alison Brown, Victor Wooten, Beth Nielsen-Chapman, Pierce Pettis,
Andrea Zonn, and Grada.

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