11 thoughts on “What? Rexblog live journal?

  1. See, this LJ thing is so much more fun than really blogging. And, yes, Mr. R., I do consider you my man friend.

  2. Not all LJs are rife with drama, Mr. Hammock. Additionally, more people than you think have LJ handles and just hide them from the blog nerds. I could out a few, but I won’t. Because I’m a respectable LiveJournalist.

  3. More bad commenting stretches like this, and I’ll need all the manfriends I can find.

  4. I’d like to apologize to Lesley, whose LJ I adore. Also, I’m a fan of LJ on Channel 2, as well. Also, don’t call me Mr. Hammock. Mr. Hammockman is fine, however. Also, you can call me LJ if you’d like.

  5. Rex, Site Meter tells me your visits to my site are sporadic at best. Don’t try to butter me up!

    In celebration of your new LJ, I decided to get a blog: vivalalesley.blogspot.com

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