Google acquires(?)

Google acquires(?) But really…When a public company with a market cap of $64.1 billion “acquires” a two-personcompany, isn’t that more like a “hire” with a signing bonus?

Update: Okay. I’ve come up with the term:


Update II: I apologize but my seo radar suggests I should include in this post a definition of acqhire:

Acqhire – When a large company “purchases” a small company with no employees other than its founders, typically to obtain some special talent or a cool concept. (See, also: NFL first round draft signing bonus; book publishing “advance” after publisher bidding-war.)

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6 thoughts on “Google acquires(?)

  1. Well, I’d say getting “acqhired” by Google is like being a first round draft choice.

  2. Reminder: Last year’s first round draft pick in the NFL was Eli Manning who signed a six-year, $54 million contract with about $20 million guaranteed. I doubt these guys were in that neighborhood — first round perhaps, not number 1, however. I think they would have needed some revenues to go higher in the draft. But hey, I’m just a fantasy league player.

  3. Then again, a lot of first overall picks get way too much money as compared to what they deserve.

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