John Jay Hooker and me

John Jay Hooker and me: John Jay gave me a shout-out on
a blog post titled, “Son of a Bitch…I’m Blogging!” (I think it’s time
for me to retire from blogging. What more is there to look forward to?)

On the post, he
has a .wmv file from, okay, I’ll say it, BlogNashville, in which you can
hear Dave Winer exclaiming, “Get that man a blog!” While obvously,
there’s a technical elf helping John Jay out, the voice on his blog is
unmistakably his. If he keeps this up, his friend Warren Beatty (scroll down the cast credits) will be
recruiting him to blog on the Huffington Post.

(Okay, I feel this event should be accompanied by a shout out to my friend David who spent four years
reminding me as I constantly complained about a certain Republican
governor whose initials are Sundquist, “Don’t blame me, I voted for
John Jay Hooker.”)

Favorite new term (While I was gone, post #4)

Favorite new term  (While I was gone, post #4):  “Asynchornous podcasting choir.”
When I repeatedly say, “podcasting is not a format or genre,” this fun
new podcasting experiment is what I’m talking about.

It’s sing-along
podcasting. (Is there a Mitch Miller sing-along podcaster out there somewhere already?) The idea is this (as explained by Rogers Cadenhead): start a song on an MP3,  say, Dixie as sung by Dave Winer. Then, invite others to sing-along. The results can be hilarious.

I’m a little late in joining the choir, but as I was born in the land of cotton early on one frosty morning, I couldn’t help but sing-along. (Hey, guys. Next time let’s learn the lyrics.) I wouldn’t advise it, but if you listen to it on earphones, I’m on the right.

This is fun, but
I think this is a great idea for some serious choral folks and
enthusiasts (translation: people with talent) to experiment with. Post
the music arrangement and some MP3 masters for each vocal part, and then invite folks to send in their

I can’t wait to download the first
collection from the Creative Commons Choir — here are some
suggestions: perhaps a collection of public domain patriotic songs, or,
just in time for the 2005 holiday gift-giving season, a collection of
public domain holiday classics.


Carrie: Okay. So the way I see
it, Carrie wins next week and, duh, moves to Nashville. (She even favors Nashville native Reese Witherspoon.) Then, one
morning at the Do-nut Den, she meets Mr. Roboto, falls in love, and
well, the whole happily ever-after thing. (If this post makes no sense,
you’re flunking pop culture 101.)

Will the real Governor Phil Blog please stand up:

Will the real Governor Phil Blog please stand up: This time, he says it’s really him blogging. (Fooled me once, my momma used to say).

Anyway, here’s my favorite quote from the post:

“I didn’t expect that
(the Phil Blog) would create the buzz that it has. Since Monday, I’ve
heard from TV, newspapers, people on the street, emails, and lots of
traffic in the blogosphere (reported to me, I’m not a user)”

Now, on to the important stuff. If Mr. Roboto
& I  host a party to welcome the real Phil Blog to the
blogosphere, will the real Phil Blogger show up or will the fake Phil
Blogger show up? We want to throw one. The last one we threw, over 300
bloggers from all over the country showed up. You’ll have fun, promise.
We just don’t know who to invite.

Anyway. If the governor’s “people” will e-mail me suggesting a convenient time, Mr. Roboto & I will be
happy to introduce him to all those Tennessee people out here in the

(via: Pith in the Wind)