Favorite new term (While I was gone, post #4)

Favorite new term  (While I was gone, post #4):  “Asynchornous podcasting choir.”
When I repeatedly say, “podcasting is not a format or genre,” this fun
new podcasting experiment is what I’m talking about.

It’s sing-along
podcasting. (Is there a Mitch Miller sing-along podcaster out there somewhere already?) The idea is this (as explained by Rogers Cadenhead): start a song on an MP3,  say, Dixie as sung by Dave Winer. Then, invite others to sing-along. The results can be hilarious.

I’m a little late in joining the choir, but as I was born in the land of cotton early on one frosty morning, I couldn’t help but sing-along. (Hey, guys. Next time let’s learn the lyrics.) I wouldn’t advise it, but if you listen to it on earphones, I’m on the right.

This is fun, but
I think this is a great idea for some serious choral folks and
enthusiasts (translation: people with talent) to experiment with. Post
the music arrangement and some MP3 masters for each vocal part, and then invite folks to send in their

I can’t wait to download the first
collection from the Creative Commons Choir — here are some
suggestions: perhaps a collection of public domain patriotic songs, or,
just in time for the 2005 holiday gift-giving season, a collection of
public domain holiday classics.

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