Will the real Governor Phil Blog please stand up:

Will the real Governor Phil Blog please stand up: This time, he says it’s really him blogging. (Fooled me once, my momma used to say).

Anyway, here’s my favorite quote from the post:

“I didn’t expect that
(the Phil Blog) would create the buzz that it has. Since Monday, I’ve
heard from TV, newspapers, people on the street, emails, and lots of
traffic in the blogosphere (reported to me, I’m not a user)”

Now, on to the important stuff. If Mr. Roboto
& I  host a party to welcome the real Phil Blog to the
blogosphere, will the real Phil Blogger show up or will the fake Phil
Blogger show up? We want to throw one. The last one we threw, over 300
bloggers from all over the country showed up. You’ll have fun, promise.
We just don’t know who to invite.

Anyway. If the governor’s “people” will e-mail me suggesting a convenient time, Mr. Roboto & I will be
happy to introduce him to all those Tennessee people out here in the

(via: Pith in the Wind)