Carrie: Okay. So the way I see
it, Carrie wins next week and, duh, moves to Nashville. (She even favors Nashville native Reese Witherspoon.) Then, one
morning at the Do-nut Den, she meets Mr. Roboto, falls in love, and
well, the whole happily ever-after thing. (If this post makes no sense,
you’re flunking pop culture 101.)

9 thoughts on “Carrie

  1. I hope you’re right. I don’t want Bo to win. Either way, I think it’s a good chance that we could see them at the donut den. But instead of double-fisting apple fritters, Bo would be trying to snort his powdered donut.

  2. Lena, Lena. You’re being too tough on my fellow Alabama native. Very funny, however.

  3. Actually, come to think of it, the two finalists are separated at birth from Reese Witherspoon and Travis Tritt.

  4. i don’t think i was too harsh — he’s a known drug user, why does america (read: 14-year olds) keep voting for him? it’s not like he’s a heart throb like that Constantine. OK, most people who read this are totally going to think i’m talking about the emperor.

  5. I’m voting Bo bigtime. Considering the fact that Carrie would be just like every other popstress out there except this time with a country twang for some variety, what was the point of having her be the “Idol” winner – they could have picked her off the street for the same result. Quit the sameness, Bo should win on GP.

  6. Geez. After all these years, I finally discover what the seven readers of the rexblog really want to discuss. Anyway, Tom. What you say is probably correct. At least that’s what a poll is suggesting. America wants a redneck druggie as its idol. However, I do think Carrie will be a big star, no matter what. She’ll come to Nashville and record crap that I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to, however.

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