John Jay Hooker and me

John Jay Hooker and me: John Jay gave me a shout-out on
a blog post titled, “Son of a Bitch…I’m Blogging!” (I think it’s time
for me to retire from blogging. What more is there to look forward to?)

On the post, he
has a .wmv file from, okay, I’ll say it, BlogNashville, in which you can
hear Dave Winer exclaiming, “Get that man a blog!” While obvously,
there’s a technical elf helping John Jay out, the voice on his blog is
unmistakably his. If he keeps this up, his friend Warren Beatty (scroll down the cast credits) will be
recruiting him to blog on the Huffington Post.

(Okay, I feel this event should be accompanied by a shout out to my friend David who spent four years
reminding me as I constantly complained about a certain Republican
governor whose initials are Sundquist, “Don’t blame me, I voted for
John Jay Hooker.”)