Let me make this simple: This is nuts!

Let me make this simple: This is nuts! MediaPost is reporting that MRI has announced plans to begin testing a technology that will embed a chip onto a magazine page so that “readers could be stationed in retail outlets that sell magazines, or to a panel of magazine readers to measure when, where and for how long they are exposed to magazines and pages within magazines.”

As a magazine publisher, I can understand the desire to be able to do this. But as a reader of magazines, and, frankly as a resident of the United States and lover of the civil liberties men and women have died to establish and protect, I want to say, simply, “Have you people lost your minds?”

Why merely print the chip on the magazine page? Why not tackle people standing in front of a newspaper stand, throw them to the ground, and inject the chip directly into their brains?

This may be “promising” technology for something, but the way it is being positioned as a “measurement” technology is hopelessly misguided and clueless.

4 thoughts on “Let me make this simple: This is nuts!

  1. Ya know, injecting that chip only hurts for a minute or so. Mine can pick up XM radio, too.

  2. I agree technology that is designed to ‘spy’ on us for purely reasons of profit gain is going to far. Where did you read about this embedding a chip in magazines? Is this misguided technology related to GPS at all? Very strange indeed embedded, retail and magazine pages.

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