More fan-blogging

More fan-blogging: If you work for a giant business-to-business media company trying to figure out this whole blogging thing and you want to see an example of a giant-media-owned blog that “gets it,” go to “Blogspotting” one of the blogs from BusinessWeek.

Here’s why I think Stephen Baker and Heather Green are so good: They write with curiosity — even awe — rather than with faux authority. They understand the blogging medium (at least, what it is today), as in posting their interview notes and asking, “Did I miss something?” They point to competitors and even have fun doing so. They invite their readers to help them write stories.

Oh, and they break news.

Curiosity, transparency, creativity, conversation, fun. There are some shared values going on here.

(As I have discovered that readers of the rexblog want more references to American Idol, let me play Randy Jackson here and say, “Dog, you guys are down, man.” )