What Rafat said

What Rafat said: Last Monday,
Rafat Ali (of PaidContent.org)
and I
had an early dinner together.  We thought it was our first
off-line meeting, but I’m now almost certain we chatted at the first
conference either of us (and, perhaps anyone) attended in June,

Following Monday, Rafat worked his way up all week because by yesterday, he was hanging out
with the folks
who run all the country’s big media companies. Here,
he reflects on the
(the Friday meeting, not dinner with me) and
this great quote of  his reaction to the MSM titans:

“What you people call serendipity, we call links. What you people call
the homepage, we call Bloglines. What you call indepth-reporting, we
call blogging a story to death. The difference is as deep as
definitions. The difference is as deep as perception. The difference is
the reality…”

(For a long time, I have been on record as predicting Rafat will
one day be regarded as the creator of the first successful
business-to-business media venture that got its start on a blogging platform. Meeting him convinces me of this even more.)