Newsweek Chinese torture (continued):

Newsweek water torture (continued):

Quote from Newsweek’s “letter to our readers“:

the basis of what we know now, I’ve seen nothing to suggest that our
people acted unethically or unprofessionally.”

Translation: “On the basis of what we
know now” means it’s time for some folks to start dusting off their
resumes.  I try not to quote myself here, but as I blogged last week: “We know how this is all going to end for the
writers and editors involved. You just want to shout, please, go ahead.
Get it over with.
Forget the outside review committee. Forget the internal report. Let’s
just fast-forward and get it over with.”

Also, compare these headlines from the print issues of Time & Newsweeks that hit the stands today:


When a Story Goes Terribly Wrong
How Newsweek botched its report on prisoner abuse—and helped set off an anti-U.S. firestorm

Newsweek (turn off your audio)

A Big Source of Frustration
Confidential sources have been
essential in breaking many landmark stories. But there’s something
wrong when so much journalism is based on anonymous voices, and that’s
why the press is toughening its standards.

Terribly wrong or merely frustrating? Drip, drip, drip.