Okay, it’s smackdown time


Okay, it’s smackdown time: I lied. I said I wouldn’t be blogging about smallbusiness.com here. But I just could not help myself when I saw this item by Staci on PaidContent.org about Allbusiness.com.


“Founded in 1999 with $20 million-plus in VC funds, in web years
AllBusiness.com is far from a start-up. The company was sold to a GE
subsidary (NBC Internet Inc.) in March 2000 for the internet-bubble sum
of $225 million and was sold again in 2002 to a privately held
corporation. Last July, it picked up $10 million from VantagePoint
Venture Partners so it’s essentially in start-up mode. At the time,
VantagePoint managing director David Carlick said, “We think that
AllBusiness.com is poised to become the Yahoo for small business.”

Okay, so last night I blogged that I am relaunching smallbusiness.com:

Start up VC funding: $0.
Burn rate: $0 (what the hell’s a burn rate?)
The domain name smallbusiness.com vs. allbusiness.com: priceless*

That said, the concept of smallbusiness.com is to drive traffic to
allbusiness.com or any other place where there is helpful information
and are conversations taking place that will assist small businesses. We’re
already linking to stories at allbusiness.com on news.smallbusiness.com. Glad to do it.

But I’ve just got to ask,
who in their right mind would want to be compared to something with no

As for me, I’d like to think smallbusiness.com is poised to be the Google of
small business, except with RSS all over the place and none of that crap where they try to
take over somebody’s web content.

(Note #1: For those who may not be familiar with me, this post is in jest.
Really. Who do you think I am? Jason Calacanas? By the way, that was
said in jest, also.)

(Note #2: Also, for the record, I think (mojo, or no mojo) Yahoo! wants to be the Yahoo! of small business.)

*figuratively speaking

Update: Rafat at PaidContent.org just gave smallbusiness.com equal time. Thanks, Rafat. (oh, wait, except for when you pointed back to one of the storied stories (damn those newspaper websites that don’t make you pay for their archives) of smallbusiness.com, part I’s demise. Nah, heck. Thanks for that, also.)