What Peter Horan told Staci

What Peter Horan told Staci: (via PaidContent.org)

Quote from the new president of Allbusiness.com:

not 100-percent familiar with what hasn’t worked in this space. When I
go from the New York Times to AllBusiness, I will immediately become a
small businessperson…A lot of the stuff that I’ll be focused on in
the short term is creating almost content paths for what type of
business you’re in and what the nature of your question is.”

If this weren’t so fun,
I’d promise to make this the last post I’ll ever make on this
topic.  However, I felt the (evil, perhaps?) urge to snidely
comment that being recruited by a head-hunter to become CEO of a
company that has $10 million in VC funding and feels the need to
urgently hire 40-50 people is, based on my conversations with thousands
of small business owners, not the best way to “immediately become a
small businessperson.”