The Numbers Guy at the WSJ does the math on blogs

The Numbers Guy at the WSJ does the math on blogs: Bottom line, there’s a lot, but nobody knows, but who cares: we’re getting close to a point where how many there are will be irrelevant. No one asks, “how many websites are there?” anymore. They won’t do that about blogs soon, either. (Which, I guess is what that USA Today writer was really saying when he said that interest in weblogs is going to chill. It’s hard to keep considering something a phenomena when it becomes as pervasive as air.)

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The secret of the most popular bloggers, maybe

The secret of the most popular bloggers, maybe: Lots of short posts.

Perhaps, but I suggest before accepting this as conventional wisdom, you speed read the book Freakanomics. I agree that blogging popularity has a correlation with frequency and breavity, but is this the secret?

Another consideration: The top sites aggressively give crediting links to those who provide their post ideas. By following this ethic, they have a natural following of bloggers who alert them when they see something blogworthy.

It amazes me how many bloggers miss out on the benefits of this simple courtesy. Let’s see some research on my thesis: Credit links and popularity have a correlation.

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