A new Nashville Nobody Knows podcast, and a podcast program suggestion

A new Nashville Nobody Knows podcast, and a podcast program suggestion: A morning jog included listening on my gum-package-size MP3 player, this week’s The Nashville Nobody Knows from Candace Corrigan. If you like unplugged country, bluegrass, jazz, folk or intelligent country music — in other words, not the crap you hear on commercial country radio — then listen to this or one of her earlier shows — they’re all great.

Show notes:

This week, Candace’s guest is Kathy Chiavola, singer, songwriter, studio session musician, vocal coach, and guitarist. Kathy shares some of the recordings from three of her own CDs. A favorite performer around Nashville, Kathy includes some comments about each of the songs and gives a great performance, well inside the ”not strictly bluegrass” genre.

(Personal note: It’s wonderful to hear Randy Howard‘s fiddle. He died way to young and is greatly missed, but his music still inspires young fiddlers like the two who live with me.)

Okay, here’s the suggestion. While I love what Candace is doing, rumor has it there’s a thriving indie rock scene here (okay, thriving may be a stretch). Anyway, if there is not one already, I suggest someone (or, better yet, several people) do a show(s) like my friend Tim Germer’s Northwest Noise — except featuring music from bands either based here or appearing here. I know there are some college=radio programs like that on WRVU, but not with Tim’s, well, Wayne’s Worldliness (sorry, inside joke reference to his program today). Just a suggestion.

2 thoughts on “A new Nashville Nobody Knows podcast, and a podcast program suggestion

  1. Dear Rex, you are so right. Look for a great new band The Duhks on my show next week- we went to see them in Nashville on Sunday and they are young and they are FUN as well as exceptional musicians. And yes, there are going be more kinds of music coming up . Stayed tuned, and Thanks for all the traffic you are sending our way.
    sincerely, Candace and crew

  2. Rex,

    KPIG on the web is, to me, what I wish for in a commercial station. Believe they were one of the initial stations to be avaialble via the web.

    Today they can be heard through a subscription – see info on their site http://www.kpig.com.


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