Clarification: I’ve updated a post I made yesterday clarifying that a quote I attributed to an employee of Fast Company was made by a “guest host” on their weblog, not an employee.

For the record, I agree with his comment (at least the part about community). As for the sale of Fast Company, I have no opinion on whether or not selling the magazine will have any impact on its community. I would hope, however, that whoever purchases the magazine will realize that one of Fast Company’s most valuable and compelling assets is its history of understanding how (or that) magazine readers talk amongst themselves.

I experienced this over four years ago when Ramon Ray invited me to come talk with a Fast Company Company of Friends group he hosted in NYC. A lot of what I am most passionate about is fueled by my belief that few magazines are led by people who understand how to participate in the conversations taking place among their readers (Fast Company, Utne Reader, being two early exceptions). And, please note how I worded that last sentence: I did not say, “how to lead conversations or start conversations or host conversations, I said: “participate in the conversations taking place among their readers.”