Just some more Tennessee news

Just some more Tennessee news: Another day, another
perp walk

for four
five (counting? when is it a quorum?)  state lawmakers. Apparently
they were arrested for violations
of the Hobbs act. I’m not up on these things, but I assume that’s a law
that says anyone who Bill
gets steamed up about, gets arrested.

4 thoughts on “Just some more Tennessee news

  1. Us old timers remember Rocky Top and what a turmoil it caused. We also remember Jake and CJ Butcher (and someday Bill Hobbs, I have to tell you a story about that era). We’ve been overdue for a scandal like this. Bet a lot of reporters are cancelling Memorial Day travel plans now.

  2. And don’t forget about Mr. Ray ‘Pardon Me?’ Blanton.

    Bill continues to deny any connection with the Hobbs Act. Deny! Deny! Deny!

    I’m still not sure I believe him.

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