Kurtz does Jarvis

Kurtz does Jarvis: Okay, so maybe no one reads the newspaper on a holiday, but the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz did a swell profile of Blog Boy today.


Jarvis, who seems to attend every conference on new media held in the continental United States, differs from many bloggers in that he loves the old media, despite their flaws. He argues that traditional outlets can thrive by embracing this growing army of commentators, which is why he continues to advise big corporations. Not that he’s defensive about it: He says he “sold out to The Man” 30 years ago.

Just another reason I like him so much, I guess.

Bad Business for Magazines About Business

Bad Business for Magazines About Business: David Carr’s byline is back on a magazine-industry story in the business section of today’s NY Times.
A long story. A story worth reading. A must-read story if you’re in the
general business magazine field. I wonder why it’s running on the
lite-reading holiday?


When the Meredith
Corporation announced its purchase of Gruner & Jahr’s women’s
magazines last Tuesday, Meredith said that Gruner’s business magazines,
Fast Company and Inc., were not “material” to the sale. What that means
is that two magazines that sold for more than half a billion dollars
four years ago now have a value of zero.”

(Thanks, David.)

Longtail of NCAA sports

Longtail of NCAA sports:
The NCAA men’s lacrosse championship
game between Duke and Johns Hopkins is being played right now before a
near Eagles-size crowd (well, perhaps not the upper decks, but a big crowd in the part of
the stadium you can see on TV) at Lincoln Financial Field in
Philadelphia and live on ESPN & ESPN-HD.
As I’m watching the game on TV with a 14 year old who attends the
Hopkins lacrosse camp each summer, I’m pulling for the camp counselors.

Update: Yeah! The camp counselors won.

Update II: The NY Times on how lacrosse is exploding in popularity.
They note that the 40,000 who attended today’s NCAA championship is the
second largest crowd to see the finals of a Division I NCAA
championship this year. (47,000 saw the men’s basketball finals at the
Edward D. Jones Dome in St. Louis.)