Longtail of NCAA sports

Longtail of NCAA sports:
The NCAA men’s lacrosse championship
game between Duke and Johns Hopkins is being played right now before a
near Eagles-size crowd (well, perhaps not the upper decks, but a big crowd in the part of
the stadium you can see on TV) at Lincoln Financial Field in
Philadelphia and live on ESPN & ESPN-HD.
As I’m watching the game on TV with a 14 year old who attends the
Hopkins lacrosse camp each summer, I’m pulling for the camp counselors.

Update: Yeah! The camp counselors won.

Update II: The NY Times on how lacrosse is exploding in popularity.
They note that the 40,000 who attended today’s NCAA championship is the
second largest crowd to see the finals of a Division I NCAA
championship this year. (47,000 saw the men’s basketball finals at the
Edward D. Jones Dome in St. Louis.)