This achy breaky sucks

This achy breaky sucks: Presenting the summer, 2005, Billy Ray Cyrus memorial novelty music fad: Cowboy Troy and hick hop. Wake me up when this nightmare is over.

As for me (and this may surprise anyone who hasn’t seen my iPod): I like my rap, old-school (authentic) and my hip hop, Missy Elliott (fun and intelligent). I like my country unplugged and bluegrass.

Hick hop takes everything predictable & formulaic about rap and everything clichéd and overproduced about country music, and mashes it up into something that sounds like a Weird Al Yankovic recording.

One thought on “This achy breaky sucks

  1. Count me in as one of the surprised! I would have never guessed you’d have rap OR hip-hop on your iPod.

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