Microsoft has podcast plans, too, okay

Microsoft has podcast plans, too, okay: “Microsoft is apparently paying close attention to Apple’s plan to give its iTunes music software a “podcatching” feature — letting people use the program to subscribe directly to audio programs, or podcasts, that are then downloaded automatically when new content becomes available.” (from the Seattle PI)

Which reminds me, the next post in my “How Apple will change everything about Podcasting” series should be posted by tonight. It’s called, tentatively, “How, a long tail of podcast programming on iTunes will make us stop thinking of “podcasts” as Wayne’s World programs or radio-like genres.”

(via: Steve Rubel — By the way, in a perfect blogosphere, Robert Scoble and Steve Rubel would have the last two letters of their names arranged in the same order. Or is it Scobel & Ruble?)