One era’s Wayne’s World is another generation’s…

One era’s Wayne’s World is another era’s… (from Wired’s “Jason Scott, a 34-year-old documentary filmmaker from the Boston area,
has saved and cataloged more than 340 GB of online amateur radio since
he started in February.”

My 17-year-old daughter recently completed a major research project
that depended on contemporary news accounts of fiddle competitions
sponsored by the Ford Motor Company during late 1925, early 1926
— many of which were broadcast on that new-fangled medium called
radio. If someone like Jason had been around to record and compile all
of that programming, the Smithsonian Institution and the Country Music
Hall of Fame’s Museum Library
would today consider it a national treasure.

(rexblog flashback: A post from last October comparing the early days of podcasting to the birth of the Grand Ole Opry)