Print is dead

Print is dead: No, wait. It isn’t. At least not yet. I think we have at least a couple centuries left.

Which reminds me of a quote I missed when it appeared in March, but I’ve had in my “blog this” folder for months. It’s from a story in USA Today:

“Pat Schroeder, the former Colorado congresswoman and now president of the Association of American Publishers, cites a survey that found 82% of Americans want to write a book.”

My thoughts were twofold when I first read it: 1. Another example of the misinterpretation of research. 2. How come more Americans want to write a book than want to read one?

(via: Shawn Zehnder Lea, who, by the way, has a mighty fine ride and a photo that makes me chuckle.)

One thought on “Print is dead

  1. 82% want to write a book huh…. I wonder if the question was asked ‘Do you want to write a book’ or the 82% volunteered this information.

    I recently did a survey and 100% of the people I surveyed agreed to be surveyed.

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