I protest

I protest: This should have been a Nashville blogger, really. While his application sounds clever and I’m sure he’s suited for the job, blogging for the CMT about the Dukes of Hazzard from New York City, well, ain’t right. Although the thought of Slick hanging out with the Gawker crowd is amusing.

(via: Steve Rubel — who I feel, from the concerns he expresses about the potential ethical dilemmas this blogger could face, has never seen an episode of Dukes of Hazzard)

3 thoughts on “I protest

  1. In one way, John Ford would be perfect for this job: he and Boss Hogg are ethical twins. SNAP back to reality: This show is still on television? In 2005? This show was really on television in the FIRST PLACE? Sigh.

    Who in America thinks this is OK? Well I won’t get started. It will be a long time before I climb down off THAT particular soapbox.

  2. That’s disturbing.

    That guy probably needs to invest that money well because my prediction is that after watching that show every night for a year, his brain will no longer be able to construct a decent sentence.

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