It’s my favorite podcast day of the week, again

It’s my favorite podcast day of the week, again:The Nashville Nobody Knows” keeps getting better. Candace Corrigan interviews Jessie Havey, lead singer of The Duhks. This is what I mean when I say
I have promoted Candace from being my favorite podcaster to being a
music purchasing agent. Only she would know my favorite “Nashville
music” is (my mini-review of the Duhks follows) hard-charging
contemporary acousical Canadian celtic with Flecktonian banjo

Not only did I purchase the Duhk’s album after listening
to this show, but Jessie Havey’s reference to the writer of one of the
songs led me to the website of another group, The Mammals (who
have the tag line on their website that really captures my musical taste:
“subversive accoustic traditionalists” and who are described elsewhere
as “an accoustical rock band”), and the purchase of their
current album.

One thought on “It’s my favorite podcast day of the week, again

  1. Well, I finally got around to listening to a few of Candace’s podcasts. Pretty good stuff. I haven’t felt the urge to rush out and buy any of the music yet, but what she is promoting is definitely better than anything on commercial radio these days.

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