RuSSh Limbaugh starts podcasting today

RuSSh Limbaugh starts podcasting today: Subscribers to his online premium service, Rush 24/7  can subscribe to automagically receive an MP3 download of his shows about two hours after they are broadcast. The podcasts feeds are being facilitated by a branded “Rush 24/7 Podcast Media Center
(Windows & Mac versions are available).” Subscribers to the premium
service have been able to download MP3 files of the shows for a while,
it appears. Today’s new feature is about the “podcasting”
(RSS-enclosure for you techies) feature being offered.

Whatever your politics may be, this is a rather significant leap for the term “podcasting.” (I can hear groans.)

His “media center” approach is interesting, however, I think this is a
transitional solution that will help his listeners take a baby step
into receiving podcasts (and also solve the challenge of having a username/password integrated into the “podcast reader.”) Ultimately, when they are receiving multiple
podcasts from various sources, they’ll want his feed to integrate into
their way of accessing podcast feeds. (I’m just guessing, but I think the iTunes Store may play a part in this one day.) No doubt, he’ll adapt to that
changing desire.

I remember once (in the early 1990s) talking with a Compuserve executive about why they
advertised on his show. He told me that anytime Rush casually mentioned
he was a subscriber to the service,  Compuserve would start
receiving a flood of phone calls from people wanting to purchase a
subscription — even though many of them didn’t have a computer. So
Compuserve started advertsing on the show (had they been wiser on other
fronts, perhaps they wouldn’t be where they are today).

Update: More from AdAge, including plans for other shows.

(via: many sources, including Robert Scoble)

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