What Staci said

What Staci said: (About the part of Steve Jobs’ presentation yesterday in which he mentioned iTunes and Podcasting):

“Sure, the company will play a leading role by dint of its mp3/software market share but the innovation is already in the marketplace and Apple will be joining a lot of other people and companies at the forefront. So far the company’s biggest contribution beyond the iPod may have been staying out it …”

I agree, and disagree. I said a long time ago that we heard of podcasting so quickly because it was a movement, not a marketing initiative. However, Apple brings so much more to the table than its “marketshare.” Apple will bring its mojo.

That said, my next (and last, except for a synopsis) post on this topic — probably Thursday morning — will be related to why Staci may be correct. Perhaps Apple is entering the scene too early, and thus, will screw things up.