Mr. Roboto’s window

Mr. Roboto’s window: For the next few days in Nashville, there is the event formerly called Fan Fair during which country music fans from everywhere come listen to promotional shows put on by country music record lables for the acts they have signed. (Not to be confused with the Bonnaroo Festival taking place down the road during the same time, an event at which actual good music is performed.) Nashville’s premiere nightlife blogger, Mr. Roboto, may not be who you’d think of as the #1 blogging source for real-time coverage of Fan Fair, however, that’s because you may not know he’s a lawyer in a firm that has it’s offices situated in such a way as to make Mr. Roboto’s life hell for the next couple of days. Fortunately, he’s turning those lemons into lemonaid for those of you who want to know who’s twanging at this very second.

Please, Mr. R., let me know when I can come to your office so we can hear some of that really hip hick-hop music.

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