Is Google a media company?

Is Google a media company? The question got several answers at Even though some of my friends say it is, I still don’t think
Google is a media company — especially in the context of trying to
compare it to Time-Warner, which is the context in which the current
debate emerged.

But, I will agree to this: It owns some new
media properties. And so, therefore, I guess it can be compared to GE,
which describes itself to its shareholders as, “a diversified
technology, media and financial services company.” (A significant
difference: Google generates about $100 billiion less in annual
revenues than GE.)

A link-magnet of a story

A link-magnet of a story: Within just a few hours of it going online, over 100 people have added the Business Week cover story regarding online collaboration to their pages and have tagged it in numerous ways.*

Because we use business-related tags in the preparation of links that appear on, I have a rather unique vantage point in monitoring how fast and how often business-oriented stories are added to lists. In the four weeks or so I’ve been watching, no story has even come close to this.

*Tags being used in the accounts for the Business Week cover story: business collaboration internet economics social socialsoftware cooperation skype p2p article toread sharing technology wiki web network opensource social_software future smartmobs web2.0 ideas wikipedia net media culture