Launching the search preview

Launching the search preview: I’m at Gnomedex and was feeling left out because of all the announcing taking place, so I decided, hey, what the heck. So today, we flipped the switch on a preview of the new search feature on — actually, the core feature of the site. (Flashback: an earlier announcement regarding and The Small Business Wiki.) is a “narrow” search (I prefer the term “thin”) engine that indexes specific areas of websites, blogs and other resources containing information tailored for an audience of those who run small businesses.

During a preview period, there are about 50 sites indexed with slightly less than 100,000 articles now showing up. Some of the big brand names in the small business world turn up often as sources, but more-and-more sites will show up as we add more capacity.

We have about 100 small business bloggers we’ll be adding soon to the preview, but are still working on some technical issues before doing so.

If you need information about running a small business, try starting your search at

And, if you work in a small business and haven’t seen, check it out — it’s a steady, manageable flow of small business-oriented news and helpful information all day, everyday.

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Sorry, no T-shirt schwag.

Gillmor Gangdex

Gillmor Gangdex:
Dave & Adam, trying to ignore one-another. (Just kidding, they’re getting along fine.) Steve
Gillmor is recording a podcast of the Gillmor Gang during lunch at
Gnomedex. It’s going to be a great one to listen to when it’s posted on
Steve’s site. Great quotes from all.

My favorite: Dan Gillmor: “This room is the ultimate in early adopters.”

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Microsoft heart RSS

Microsoft heart RSS: All their announcements will be covered by others. Bottomline: Microsoft has figured out the way to romance bloggers. Add RSS everywhere and give out cool schwag. And get Larry Lessig to send a video (via iSight) welcoming MS into the Creative Commons family. Praise and defer to Dave Winer, a lot. (Even say, “I defer to Dave.” when someone says: “How do you make money on this?”)

Even some (but, not all, believe me) of the professional MS critics in the audience are praising what MS is doing in this arena.

While IE 7 will have many RSS enhancements, most of the really cool things don’t show up until the launch of Longhorn.

Steve Rubel once more shows he doesn’t want to do PR for Microsoft: “This is embrace, lite….What are you doing to show you’re still not living on the Death Star but are Jedi Knights?”

Dave Winer: “This is what movement looks like. If you don’t want to do it their way, then don’t.” (Dave’s perspective on the announcement.)

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