Everyone is blogging this

Everyone is blogging this: A
ridiculous number of people are live-blogging this. Really. Everyone
has their laptop open. Everyone has power. The facility updated their
wi-fi system. I’m not going to try to point to others, as I can’t. But
the flickr and technorati tags are working. Livestreaming available.
Info here. However, the wi-fi is being taxed despite the upgrade.

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Gnomedex announcements begin (Audible)

Gnomedex announcements begin (Audible): In a press release containing some extraordinary word-smithing to avoid using the word “podcasts” in its lead, the folks at Audible are announcing that, “its wide selection of periodic audio content can now be delivered to its customers via secure Really Simple Syndication (RSS), while maintaining all the state-of-the-art technology, ecommerce and customer-friendly attributes of Audible’s award-winning service.”

The periodic content distributed by Audible today includes world-class programming such as: BBC News Hour, Car Talk, Charlie Rose, C-SPAN, Fast Company, Forbes Magazine, Fresh Air, JazzTimes, Harvard Business Review, Latino USA, Marketplace, MSNBC, News from Lake Wobegon, Scientific American, Science News, Technology Review, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The World, This American Life, and To the Best of Our Knowledge.

No word on whether the pricing on this content will be changed to reflect “subscription” vs. “one-off” purchases.

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