RSS Hall of Fame on Dave Day, June 24, 2005

RSS Hall of Fame on Dave Day, June 24, 2005:
I’m sorry I left my camera at the hotel for last night’s reception at
the beautiful new downtown library in Seattle because I had to capture
this historic moment with my cell-phone camera. How do I describe
these folks? The Mt. Rushmore of RSS? They were RSS when RSS wasn’t cool?

With RSS creator-philosopher-prophet Dave Winer (second from right) is, from left, Nick Bradbury (creator of FeedDemon) and Shelia and Brent Simmons (creators of NetNewsWire).

the record, this photo was made on the evening of June 24, 2005, a date
I personally will forever remember as Dave Winer Day. (Dave on the schmoozing significance of Gnomedex 2005. Steve Rubel on the signficance of 6/24/2005).)

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