4 thoughts on “Will podcasts replace CDs?

  1. I agree with you Rex. CDs didn’t really “replace” tapes, and tapes didn’t really “replace” vinyl (8 tracks and minidiscs go in there somewhere too).

    On a related note, I was talking with a high school junior yesterday who was telling me that she is almost mocked for having a “discman”. She said her peers say things like “Oh, you have a discman. How cute.” She wonders if discmans are now retro.

  2. What would I need a CD for at all except for two things:
    * My 2001 model year car doesn’t have an mp3 player in it. I know, I know, I can make my iPod work with it. I need to buy a gizmo. My friend keeps telling me these adapters aren’t perfect. Anyone have a recommendation?
    * And second, to transfer or back up files. FTP normally works fine for transfer, but sometimes a CD is easier if the person you’re transferring with isn’t a slightly techie person. And CDs are sometimes good for storage.

    That’s all I can think of.

  3. what I would like to see is MP3 files on the CD itself. ready-encoded, quality-checked, drm-free, 192 kbps or so MP3s. There is space on the CDs, there would be no need to spend 10 minutes on ripping and no need to back up those MP3s you have on CD.

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