12 thoughts on “iTunes 4.9

  1. I feel sorry for Odeo. Now the creation tools may be something to look at (if I really had anything to say) but the first thing I did before installing 4.9 was uninstall the Odeo Sync.

  2. hmmm, no presets like “radio.” This weekend’s NYT Mag. had an article about Nic Harcourt I’ll link below stating that KCRW is going to start podcasting their entire Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show. Wonder how the record labels are taking news like that. If they were smart they’d take it well.


  3. okay, when i say “no presets” that isn’t really correct because of course they have an entire podcasting section via the music store.

  4. also, subscribing to a podcast manually should not be an “advanced” feature. Clearly they want as much as possible done through the Music Store. I want to click on a link in my web browser and have it automatically add the podcast in iTunes.

  5. so far my biggest complaint is that if your iPod is before the click wheel model (mine is the one just before that – not really that old) then podcasts are treated just like regular mp3 files rather than separate podcasts (there is a software update available for only the color, click wheel, and mini that adds the podcast features), meaning that they are harder to find on your iPod unless you set up a podcast playlist (okay, not really that hard) and you can’t take advantage of the audio book feature where you can pause it and then come back to it later and pick up where you last were.

  6. Okay, Tim. I hear you. You’re the first person to request a new episode…and that’s all it will take.

  7. One click subscriptions: Find a link to a podcast (like on this page: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/Podcasting/). Click and drag the link to the word “Podcasts” in the source list on the left side of the iTunes window (above Party Shuffle and below Library on mine). The cursor turns to the green circle with a “+” in the center. Release the mouse, and you are subscribed.

  8. ^ This is even easier if you have Expose set up with an Active Screen Corner to show All Windows. Drag the RSS link into the corner, and all of your windows spread themselves. Hover over the iTunes window that you’ve buried under tons of other windows, and it will come to the front.

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