:30 second rule – We need some clarification

:30 second rule – We need some clarification: Due
mainly to the Dave Winer point this way (drive safely, Dave), the post

regarding the reported (by the Wall Street Journal)
“agreement” Apple has with record labels allowing podcasters to include
:30 second clips of music on a podcast, has drawn several responses,
and questions. Is it possible that the reporter confused Apple’s
allowing iTunes purchasers to sample :30 seconds of a tune with this
reference to podcasting rights? Can one loop the :30 seconds? Does this
contradict a previous ruling that any sample of a song, no matter how
short, is infringing?

While I think the record labels should be encouraging such usage of
short clips, I’m way over my head on the legalities of this issue.

If anyone can point to a specific ruling or clarification of this
Apple/iTunes/podcaster :30 second permission on the Apple site or
elsewhere, please do so in the comments of this post.


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  1. An that leads me back to my comment on Tuesday – I really do wonder how KCRW is going to be able to podcast their entire Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show. Maybe Harcourt’s comment in the NYT was a bit premature.

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