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Food quote: It didn’t seem appropriate earlier today to link to this story about a restaurant down the street from my office closing. (I’m quoted in it.) The original Houston’s Restaurant — the first of a successful chain of 35 restaurants — is closing. It is probably the smallest location in the chain, and I’m sure one of the least profitable. But there is still always a crowd and the food is consistently good (as fern bar food goes). I guess they’ll tear it down and build a Walgreens so there will be two Walgreens next door to each other.

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  1. I personally like Walgreens more than Houston’s. The store is brighter, the staff friendlier and they actually put things on sale. When was the last time Houston’s had a sale? When was the last time you needed shades in a Houston’s? For that matter, when was the last time you could get shades on sale in a Houston’s? I could think of worse things than having two Walgreens.

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