Looking for a tornado

Looking for a tornado: Nashville’s Channel 2 continued their reaching-out to local bloggers with the inaugural Video 101 class today. A fun time was had by all. (Especially Tim and Aunt B.) The video-gurus at Channel 2 showed us how to video car wrecks and fires and weather disasters and missing blondes (just kidding about the car wrecks and blondes). Here is what you should do if you want to get video on TV:

1. Hold the camera still.
2. Don’t move the camera around.
3. Don’t narrate the video with comments like, “this is a tornado hitting a cow.”

After we learned how to shoot video, we went out in the parking lot and shot video of each other shooting video. Actually, it was really a great thing for Channel 2 to do…and I learned a lot. Thanks to WKRN’s Joe Gregory, Mitch Jordan, Dirk Mooth, Brittney, Terry and all those I’m leaving out for making us feel so welcomed and sharing some great ideas with us.

Here are some photos of the event I’ve posted on Flickr.

Blake has also posted some photos on Flickr.

Terry Heaton (Happy Birthday) has some great shots of the event.