Deja News

Deja News: Really, this hurricane happened before, didn’t it? All my family in that area are safely on high ground. Thanks for asking. Key to understanding this storm: It’s more narrow than Ivan, so the damage will be more concentrated.

Observation 1: The Weather Channel must live for days like this. But really, how many table mate ads can one be subjected to before throwing the remote through the TV screen?

Observation 2: The word “hunker” is very popular with anchor-people today.

Observation 3: Am I imagining this, or has Soledad O’Brien been on air continuously for the past five days?

Observation 4: Like in Mobile during Hurricane Ivan, Anderson Cooper seems to be enjoying himself too much. I’ve turned off the sound and Cooper and the other anchor are gesticulating and pointing up toward trees and service station signs blowing down the street.