Raise you tray table and call your congressman

Raise you tray table and call your congressman: Earlier today, I was on a Southwest flight from Nashville to Baltimore. Near the end of the flight, after the pilot gave us some closing announcements about our location and arrival time, he launched into a 2-minute speech encouraging the passengers to help Southwest in its efforts to get Congress to repeal the Wright amendment, which restricts most flights into and out of Dallas Love Field (Southwest’s home). The pilot then told all us passengers to visit the website, “Set Love Free Dot Com” and encouraged us to tell all our friends about it.

I must say. Those Southwest folks know the power of having a captive audience.

For their part, The Dallas-Fortworth Airport folks have their own website, “Keep DFW Strong dot com” and they are begging Southwest to stop the whole “repeal campaign” and start flying in and out of DFW. Yeah, wright.