Nashville connection

Nashville connection: While I’ve voted for my favorite podcast on Podcast Alley, I’d missed the Nashville-angle (from an AP story on podcasting):

“Podcast Alley is a typical Internet bootstrap operation, prized by fans of Internet “narrowcasting” not just for its podcast selection but also for free tools and tips. Launched in November and featuring 4,100 podcasts, it has just one employee: founder Chris McIntyre, a 26-year-old programmer from Nashville, Tenn. McIntyre says the number of podcasts has tripled in the past three months on his site, and he’s already begun selling enough ads to cover his expenses.”

One thought on “Nashville connection

  1. Not only is Podcast Alley based here in Nashville, but several increasingly popular podcasts are originating from the Music City: First Take Movie review, Tech Tuesday, and TheBizCast… you might want to listen to TheBizCast podcast show 4 b/c it has an interview with Brittney of Nashville is Talking and Chris McIntyre [this is a blatant self-promoting comment 😉 ] FYI – Rex, you’re mentioned in the podcast — cap

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