Vetting John Roberts

Vetting John Roberts: I’ve been doing some instant background checking on the President’s nomination for the Supreme Court and here are some of the facts I’ve uncovered:

John Roberts perhaps is best known for his long stint as a CBS news correspondent however, he is also a successful business entrepreneur, the founder of two health and beauty facilities in Mayfield Heights and Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Other business ventures of Mr. Roberts are a printing company in Minnesota and a Toyota dealership in Manchester, Tenn.

A noted artist, John Roberts is well-known for his chainsaw woodcarvings. He also practices holistic dentistry.

All his friends think he’s a saint.

5 thoughts on “Vetting John Roberts

  1. What are his views, if any, on the SECOND AMENDMENT????

    No one seems interested in his views on the CONSTITUTION.


  2. I think he believes holistic dentists and chainsaw artists should have the right to bear drills.

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