Is there another issue?

The only issue: After watching two hours of punditry of the nomination of John Roberts, three four things are obvious to me:

1. He’s going to be confirmed. Key reason: His son’s cute little outfit.
2. Despite all the aspects of our lives that can be affected by Supreme Court decisions, the only issue apparently of interest to TV interviewers and the pundits they interview is Roe v. Wade — The CNN promo for its 11:00 p.m. block was this (and this is a direct quote): “Who is he? Where does he stand on abortion? Can he be confirmed?.
3. Never in the history of television has the word “affable” been used more times in two hours.
4. One day, his son will never forgive his mom for dressing him in that cute little outfit.

3 thoughts on “Is there another issue?

  1. I agree…he’s going to be confirmed. He seems like a really nice guy. When the biggest argument you can make against a guy is that he’s a mainstream conservative, you sound like a big whiner.

  2. Per Ann Coulter, that’s the best damn reason in the world to drop him into the Potomac before wasting a sou-ter of political capital on trying to confirm him. Undependable, unreliable, unopinionated where it counts: “Stealth nominees have never turned out to be a pleasant surprise for conservatives. Never. Not ever… Oh, yeah…we know he’s argued cases before the supreme court. big deal; so has Larry Flynt’s attorney.”

    Looks like it will be an interesting autumn …

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