Podcast sampling

Podcast sampling: Among other things, on my flight back to Nashville, I listened to several “daily podcast” articles from Slate.com — which are simply 4-8 minute articles read by Andy Bowers. They are sponsored — a short Chrysler 300 CRST ad at the beginning — and are very book-on-tape-like. As I’m an audio book fan, the style works for me. I listened to several articles I doubt I would have read online, including an fascinating 8-minute piece about why there are so many of those personal storage warehouses everywhere.

I also listened to a podcast that only a hopeless geek would find interesting (I confess) — a three-minute Skype phone conversation between Joi Ito and Jeremy Wagstaff. What’s cool about it is that Joi was calling during a 12-hour Lufthansa flight using the Boeing Connexion in-flight wi-fi service (he says it cost him $30 for the service). I can only imagine how un-impressed the other passengers were who may have overheard the conversation, but the quality of the audio is great. I know there was a plane-full of folks doing a demo of the same onboard wifi a couple of days ago, but this is the first example I’ve heard of someone using it during a commercial flight. I hope people use it for IMing, however — I’m not looking forward to people yelling at their laptops, “Hey, guess where I’m calling you from?”