What Samir Husni said

What Samir Husni said: (Regarding what the founders of Reader’s Digest would say about what the magazine is today) “They’d be turning in their graves,” Husni said. “It’s a completely different Reader’s Digest. … It’s a Reader’s something, but it’s not a Reader’s Digest.”

I like the way that Professor Husni has mellowed now that he’s become a department chair.

One thought on “What Samir Husni said

  1. I gotta go with Samir on this one.

    When I was 13 [a really long time ago, I admit], I saved my allowance money to subscribe to Reader’s Digest. I read it cover to cover every issue. It’s now been nearly two decades since I subscribed, but when I picked it up again recently, it was NOT the same.

    Over time, everything has to evolve, but it’s moved more toward People than I would have liked. Or Us. [Not to slam those two books…but they’re already being published. So no need for RD to replicate.] I would also hope my vocabulary’s grown a tad since I was 13, but my guess is that they’ve also taken down the reading level a notch.

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