4 thoughts on “This just in – Record companies bribe radio stations

  1. You know, Mr. R. That was the subtle irony in the use of the phrase “just in” — I was just too lazy to google that link. Obviously, you and I have been all over the scandalous practices of the recording industry for a long time. However, I start worrying when we appear too journalistic — I think people visit your site and mine for our absence of newsworthy insight that will make them smart and place them ahead of the curve — they prefer the car-towing stuff. When we start reminding them that we’re actually breaking news around here, we’ll lose our edge.

  2. My last two posts included: warnings about uncool car towings at Flying Saucer and a review of locations in middle Tennessee at which you can play miniature golf. “News you can use” is what I say.

  3. I know, Mr. R. Your insights on such topics (the stuff that really matters – not, say, about what associations John Roberts used to belong to or whatever — are what always keep me tuning into what you have to say.

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